Pictures to remember our trip to the Finger Lakes of New York. You won't see a lot of pictures of what we saw there as you don't have a lot of access to the lakes. However if you are into drinking wine and seeing a lot of vineyards it is the place to go.

welcomecenter_small.jpg lakechataqua_small.jpg watkinsglennpublicpark_small.jpg benchonapoint_small.jpg
sunset_small.jpg hectorfalls_small.jpg belowthefalls_small.jpg senecalake_small.jpg
lonely_small.jpg senecafalls_small.jpg boatparking_small.jpg oldmill_small.jpg
montourfalls_small.jpg sun_small.jpg surpriserainbow_small.jpg doublerainbow_small.jpg
bigsoduslight_small.jpg ringer_small.jpg lighthousesideview_small.jpg lighttower_small.jpg
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