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                                        There are no photos in my library of Edward GIES

     Edward GIES was born November, 1861 in Germany.  In 1881 he immigrated to the US as indicated on the
     1900 US Census.  
This same census stated he was employed at a brewery.  There were several breweries in
     Cleveland and family is not sure which 
brewery he worked at.  He could speak, write and read English and
     was on rent.  In 1900 Edward was living with his wife 
Mary and two sons, Edward and Anthony.  

     On 3 Jan 1902 he passed away leaving his wife and sons to mourn his absence.  Son Edward was ten years old
     and son Anthony 
was age six years.  No obituary was found as were any photos.  His widow went on to remarry
     by 1910.  Mary (GIES) FRIETAG 
and husband had no children that we know of and her sons were reunited
     with her in this marriage.  
On the 1910 US Census Edward's sons are listed as step-sons with their mother
     Mary FREITAG and her husband Jacob FREITAG.

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