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The results for Thursday which were announced were in error. The scores were put into the software and came out as shown below by net scores.

Sorry Denny but you were not in the playoffs. Bill Kozar had lowest net and Jim Fisher was 2nd. They were informed and discussed who would fill which position for next year. As a result Jim is still willing to serve as President and Bill will serve as treasurer as was announced on Thursday. There was a $1. difference in payouts which I am sure has been corrected.

Thank you to last years President Joe Dominak and Treasurer Dennis Connelly for their fine service in the posts over the last year. 

On Thursday Jim stated that he wants this to be a fun league where no one needs to be ashamed of playing from whichever tees they are comfortable with. Remember your handicap will develop as you use other tees and we might actually get a closer spread of handicaps. 

There will be a lot of changes next year so hold on to your hats.

      Total EVENT #22     Event #21 on 09/14/17        
Pos ## Player Points Hcp Opp Opp Gross Hcp Net Points Pars
1 9 Nendza, Denny 63.00 9 15 14 44 9 35 13.00 4
1 19 Kozar, Bill 88.00 10 5 4 45 10 35 15.00 5
3 4 Fisher, Jim 117.00 11 20 19 47 11 36 11.00 3
4 3 DeJesus, Julio 88.00 10 21 20 47 10 37 10.00 2
4 5 Gies, Chuck 99.00 23 19 18 59 22 37 9.00  
6 1 Beach, Joe 43.00 10 23 22 50 10 40 7.00 1
6 2 Connelly, Dennis 71.00 8 22 21 48 8 40 7.00 1
6 13 Olecki, Paul 72.00 12 11 10 52 12 40 8.00 2
9 8 Joseph, Don 81.00 8 16 15 50 8 42 6.00 1
10 12 Fisher, Mike 45.00 9 26 11 53 9 44 4.00  
11 11 Dominak, Joe 94.00 8 13 12 54 8 46 5.00 1
12 6 Hayden, Gary 79.00 9 18 17   9   0.00  
12 7 Joseph, Chris 16.00 10 17 16   10   0.00  
12 10 Viancourt, Bob 0.00 16 14 13   16   0.00  
12 14 Debelak, Tom 33.00 15 10 9   15   0.00  
12 15 Eyerman, Ed 0.00 14 9 8   14   0.00  
12 17 Probala, Jerry 0.00 11 7 6   11   0.00  
12 18 Schultz, Joe 70.00 10 6 5   10   0.00  

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Discussions will be on going regarding a new scoring format(s) for the 2018 season.

I would like to have things solid by the time we begin practice weeks so everyone can understand it. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas. I am very aware that nothing we do will please everyone, but I would like it to please at least the people who golf regularly and have an interest in enjoying the game with each other.

Currently I am testing putting all the scores in twice each week so we could have head to head match ups and another type of paring for scores either against the course or against the entire league. The software is capable of giving points for a lot of different methods. However they do require treating it like we are running two leagues. 

Substitutions in head to head matches also have some flexibility that can be explored. Seeing that we are bound to have times when members can not make it and we do not have members available we could play against the course, or against the supposed opponents handicap. Looks like we could also play against the league scores for the date.

So many options, but I need time to explore them before the league starts in Spring. Like most of you I also lack motivation during the winter so lets bounce some ideas and I will attempt to simulate them. Maybe I will be literate with this software by Spring and we can just enjoy the season with very little pressure.

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Officers 2018


Welcome to our new officers and wishes of a fine new year of golf.


President       Jim Fisher


Treasurer       Bill Kozar


Secretary(eternal)       Chuck Gies

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Almost everyone is in the playoffs due to the fact that the first half ended with some ties for first and second place. Some of you may remember that 1st and 2nd place finishers from both halves playoff at the end of the year. This normally results in an 8 player playoff because we skip forward if any of the same players win the 2nd half. This year we had 6 winners from the 1st half and 4 winners from the 2nd half so it is one big playoff bundle.

Dennis Connelly   first half Flight A winner (tied)       handicap  8

Don Joseph           first half Flight A winner (tied)       handicap   8

Julio DeJesus        first half Flight A 2nd place            handicap 10

Paul Olecki           first half Flight B  winner                handicap 12

Bob Viancourt      first half Flight B  2nd place (tied)  handicap 16

Ed Eyerman          first half Flight B  2nd place (tied)  handicap 14

Jim Fisher             2nd half  Flight A winner                handicap 11

Joe Dominak        2nd half  Flight A 2nd place            handicap   8

Chuck Gies          2nd half Flight B  winner                 handicap 22

Bill Kozar            2nd half Flight B  2nd place            handicap 10

Net score determines the winner  (president) and 2nd place (treasurer) for next year. Secretary is nominated and elected so make sure they are willing.

See everyone next Thursday when Irma should be visiting.

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Week number 20 will be the final week of regular play which is this week. So the next week will be final playoffs and hopefully voting after golf.

Naturally we have a 60% chance of rain already for Thursday which seems to be very normal for this year even though we have had very little rain most of the threats have been for Thursday. I will guess that Irma will be coming in for the playoffs which will be normal for this year.

Hope to see all of you Thursday. Hit em straight and go into shock.